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Wisdom Tooth Removal in Marietta, GA

It is extremely common to need to have wisdom teeth removed.  Anthropologists studying the jaws of different societies have shown that our modern soft diets have caused most people’s jaws to not grow to the proportions needed to accommodate and correctly position our wisdom teeth.  Wisdom teeth that do not form to the correct position can be completely hidden under the bone and/or gums, which is referred to as an “impacted tooth”, or partially hidden (partial impaction).  Some times the teeth are fully erupted (through the tissue), but are not positioned, angled or spaced correctly.  This mal-positioning can cause destruction to the other teeth and jaw bone, infection or cysts and lesions in the bone/gums.

There are some important structures, such as nerves, blood vessels and sinus cavities, that are often intimately involved with the complex root systems of wisdom teeth.  It is important to fully understand the relationship to these structures, prior to extraction of wisdom teeth, to give the best chance of avoiding detrimental consequences that are a possibility with all extractions, but more likely with wisdom tooth.  Often, a two dimensional x-ray can not reveal the relationship of those structures.

At Atlanta Dentures, we have the top of the line, state of the art in Dental 3D imaging to plan our surgeries.  Dr. Thomas and Daniel Van Galder have extensive experience with wisdom tooth extractions.  Dr. Daniel Van Galder can offer a variety of services and technology to make your experience more comfortable, such as IV sedation, anesthetic buffering, PRP and pico/laser

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