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Tooth Extraction in Marietta

Tooth Extraction in Marietta, GAThere are several reasons why a tooth, or several teeth may need to be extracted.  The most common, and urgent, is infection.  When a tooth becomes infected, the only option is to remove the source of infection which is the tooth itself.  This can either be done by extracting the entire tooth, or cleaning out and filling the canals (known as the root canal).  Some people may determine that extraction is their best and only option for a variety of reasons.

Other reasons a tooth may be extracted includes esthetics, not enough tooth structure to hold a crown bridge or filling, not enough bone remaining around the tooth, or mal-positioning of the tooth that cannot be corrected, or if the patient does not wish to receive orthodontic treatment.

Whatever the reason that you may need or choose extraction therapy, you are in good hands at Atlanta Dentures.  With Dr. Thomas Van Galder, you have over 30 years of experience with extractions of complex teeth.  Not only has Dr. Thomas Van Galder extracted thousands of teeth for every year of his career, he was innovative on many techniques of atraumatic tooth extraction, including minimally invasive, rapid and comfortable approaches to tooth extraction.  The majority of Dr. Van Galder’s career has centered around the extraction of wisdom teeth and full mouth extraction and replacement with full & partial dentures.

Dr. Daniel Van Galder had the luxury of being able to be mentored by his father, and build on his vast skill in extractions.  Taking the multitude of techniques and approaches taught be Dr. Van Galder, Dr. Daniel Van Galder added to this cutting edge techniques in anesthesia, healing factors and technology such as photobiomodulation and ultra sonic stimulation.

At Atlanta Dentures, you will be well taken care of for some of the most intimidating dental procedures.  The majority of our patients are thrilled how quick and easy their oral surgery procedures went. Contact us today to schedule an emergency appointment

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