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Post-Op Instructions

Following tooth extractions, there is a large hole in the bone that has to fill with new bone.  This bone takes 4-6 months for the body to build  The gum tissue grows much more rapidly.  One of the most common, painfully and potentially detrimental complications is getting food packed in this hole.  The food debris can ferment and cause infection.  The gum tissue can heal over the top of this infection and cause spread of infection and destruction to large portions of the jaws.   To heal properly, the area needs 3 things: 1) keep clean, 2) leave it alone and 3) give it time.

  1. To clean, rinse the mouth several times with warm salt water.  Use a syringe to flush the tooth socket with warm soft water daily.
    • Eat easily dissolvable food such as soups pudding, yogurt, protein shakes.
    • Make sure to balance electrolytes with coconut water, IV in a bottle,  pedialite, etc.
  2. Leave it alone.  Do not disturb the area with your tongue, brush, spicy foods, smoking or vaping.
  3. Give it time.

Follow these guidelines for 4-6 weeks.


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