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Sedation Dentistry

We are a full service office, but we have an expertise in oral surgery and full mouth reconstructive solutions including extractions, dentures, implants, sedation and procedure associated with these services.  See our tabs for further details.

One of the most common fears for people is dentistry.  Due to the common fear, many strategies have been implemented to help patients receive the treatment they need.  Sedation is the most effective way to help anxious or fearful patients.  Forms of oral sedation we can offer include:


Minimal sedation taking a pill the night before, morning of, and evening after.
Advantages:  affordable, helps most people be more relaxed and avoid emergencies brought on by fear and the resulting change in blood pressure, sugar and other vitals due to fear and anxiety.  Reverse reaction.
Disadvantages:  un-predictable, need driver.

Nitrous Oxide

Minimal-moderate sedation.
Advantages: more affordable, don’t need a driver and can be tapered.
Disadvantages: Remember, awake

IV Sedation

Conscious Sedation
Advantages: most predictable, effective option.  Most people sleep through their procedure and do not remember it.
Disadvantage:  sleep and memory can not be guaranteed unless general anesthesia is done, which we do not offer in our office.  This is often done in a hospital.

Dr. Daniel Van Galder completed a residency in IV Sedation at the Board Certified Academy of Medical and Dental Anesthesia (ADMA) and is proud to offer this option to the patients of Atlanta Dentures. Dr. Van Galder is board certified in conscious sedation in the state of GA.

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