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Root Canal Therapy in Marietta

At Atlanta Dentures, our goal is always to preserve the health and integrity of your natural teeth whenever possible. A root canal, also called endodontic therapy, is a very common practice for treating a decayed or damaged tooth; in fact, millions of root canals are performed each year. Though many patients hear “root canal” and begin to feel nervous, the procedure has advanced greatly in recent decades and is usually no more complex for the patient than getting a standard filling.

What is a root canal?

A simple way to think of a root canal is like a natural dental implant.  When a tooth becomes infected, the source of the infection must be removed.  This can be accomplished by either removing the infection from the canals of the tooth and filling in the space or completely extracting the tooth.  A root canal is the first option.

The advantages of root canal therapy are that it can preserve the bony and soft tissue architecture around the tooth that an extraction diminishes.   Also, the ligament of the tooth is maintained which helps to stimulate and pressure the jaw bone as well as seal of the rest body from the oral cavity.  A dental implant does not have a ligament but is rigidly fixed to the bone.  This is the reason that, in most cases, a tooth that is restorable is better treated with root canal therapy than implants.

Disadvantages are that root canal treated teeth are non-vital (non-living) teeth.  The nerves and blood vessels have been removed.  This lack of blood supply, and therefor fluid, causes the teeth to become dry and brittle.  What this means is that root canal treated teeth almost always require crowns.  In the back of the mouth, this is because the tooth are the weakest to withstand the strong chewing forces.  In front of the mouth, it is because the root canal treated tooth often becomes dark and un-aesthetic.  Here are a variety of factors that your dentist can help navigate whether root canal therapy may be right in your situation.

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