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Holistic Dental Treatment in Marietta, GA

Enjoy the relaxation during dental procedures

Visiting the dentist twice a year is essential for your oral health and general wellbeing. If you’re like millions of Americans, however, you may feel anxious about the prospect of visiting the dentist. Though traditional sedation dentistry can help calm your fears, it often involves the use of narcotics. If you’re interested in a holistic approach to dental care, set up an appointment at Atlanta Dentures. We employ a holistic dental care method called NuCalm, which provides our patients with a natural means of relaxation during dental procedures.

Components of NuCalm

Whether you visit the dentist for a tooth extraction or a routine cleaning, NuCalm can help ensure that you have a more pleasant experience. The following components work together to provide total relaxation.

  • Dietary Supplement: First, you’ll take a dietary supplement that is designed to counteract adrenaline. This will quickly reduce your anxiety as you prepare for your routine cleaning or other dental procedure.
  • Microcurrent Stimulation: Next, your dentist will place microcurrent stimulation patches behind each of your ears. These patches are completely harmless, and will help you sink further into relaxation.
  • Headphones and Mask: Finally, you’ll be given a light-blocking mask and a pair of sophisticated headphones. Your anxiety will disappear and you will enter a state similar to deep meditation and pre-sleep.

NuCalm Benefits

NuCalm can transform your dental visit into a spa-like experience. Instead of dreading your routine checkups, you’ll actually look forward to them.

  • Dulled Responses: NuCalm dulls your motor responses, preventing your own reflexes from causing you harm. However, you will still be able to hear your dentist and respond to his requests.
  • Complete Relaxation: Imagine a feeling of complete relaxation while in the doctor’s chair. That’s what NuCalm offers. This state of relaxation can help ensure that you receive the best possible holistic dental care.
  • No Side Effects: NuCalm offers a noninvasive, non-narcotic means of sedation. You won’t have any lingering effects after your appointment, and you won’t require any supervision.

Your dental health is too important to ignore. If you’ve been avoiding the dentist out of fear, call Atlanta Dentures at (770) 426-0288 to set up an appointment. Dr. Thomas Van Galder, DDS has many years of experience with sedation dentistry and most dental procedures. Whether you need dentures, a routine cleaning, or emergency dental care, you will be delighted that you chose us to serve your needs.

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