Get a Second Opinion from Our Atlanta Dentist

Dental care can become extremely costly. There are often options available that you may not be aware of that are much less costly as well as possibly a more healthy option for your situation. As with every major purchase, getting a second opinion is critical to help you make an intelligent decision based on your dental needs but also considering your financial state.

Unlike many dentists, we do NOT belittle you for the condition of your teeth. Our mission is to help you restore your beautiful smile in the most cost minimizing way possible.

Dr. VanGalder is committed to helping his patients achieve optimal dental health with concern to maintain one’s financial health. He will be delighted to share with you his opinion from 26 years of experience with all forms of dentistry including root canals, crowns, bridges, implants, dentures and extractions, etc. Call and let us explain our holistic and traditional approach.

What Makes Us Different?

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