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Denture Repair & Replacement

Comprehensive Denture Repair & Replacement Services in Marietta, GA

If you have missing teeth, you know how important your dentures are for maintaining a healthy and beautiful-looking smile. Damaged dentures are not only unsightly — they can also cause several bite-related problems. If you have damaged dentures, it’s important to find a dental professional who can provide you with dental repair services or replacement dentures as quickly and effectively as possible. Here at Atlanta Dentures, our dental professionals specialize in denture-related products and procedures of all kinds. Experienced and highly-effective, our specialists proudly offer comprehensive denture repair and replacement services to patients across the greater Atlanta, GA region.

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Damaged Dentures: When to Repair and When to Replace

Damaged dentures are important to fix as quickly as possible to ensure that your smile returns to its optimal performance and brilliance. If you are currently struggling with damaged dentures, you’ll be faced with two solution options: repair or replacement.

Choosing between repairing and replacing your dentures is a decision that must be made considering several factors. The most important among these is the extent of the damage. If your dentures are only damaged on a single tooth or with a small chip, then repair is likely going to be a more practical and cost-effective solution. However, if your dentures are severely damaged, then repair may be impractical or out of the question altogether.

Another factor to consider is your satisfaction with your current dentures. If you are dissatisfied with the comfort or appearance of your current dentures, it may be a good idea to start from scratch and get fitted for a set of dentures you can truly love and count on to perform day in and day out.

Why You Should Choose Atlanta Dentures

At Atlanta Dentures, our dental professionals offer comprehensive denture repair and replacement services for patients across the greater Atlanta, GA region. When you visit us, our dental team will provide you with an insightful and thorough analysis of your denture damage and recommend what we believe to be the wisest course of action going forward, taking into consideration your needs and desires. Whether you need small repairs or a full-scale denture replacement, our trusted dental experts can take care of you and help you get the smile you’ve always wanted.

Please note that we can only repair a patient’s personal denture. Some repairs can be completed during your visit, but others can take 1-3 days depending on lab availability and the severity of the denture damage. Due shipment times and lab processes, replacement dentures take roughly two weeks to receive.

If you are interested in learning more about our Atlanta denture repair and replacement services, we invite you to contact our Marietta, GA office at (770) 426-0288 to schedule a free consultation with our dental team today!

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