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Dental Implants

Installing Dental Implants in Marietta, GA

You’ll feel a world of improvement, as these are the closest enhancement you can get to natural teeth.  Dental implants can be a very confusing topic for patients to navigate.  When people mention dental implants, there are a variety of things that they are referring to.  Simply put, a dental implant is a functional support placed beneath the gums in order to retain a prosthetic meant to replace missing or hopeless teeth.

What goes on top of an implant can be a single tooth crown, a multiple tooth bridge or even a removable denture.

Dr. Daniel Van Galder has done extensive training with some of the most renowned implant dentists around the world.  Unlike most general dentists, Dr. Daniel Van Galder’s implants focus is on full mouth implant options such as implant dentures and implant bridges.

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Atlanta Dentures Dental Implants

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