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  • Tooth extraction preparation

    How to Prepare for a Tooth Extraction

    When you need to have a wisdom tooth extraction near Marietta, GA, it is best to be prepared before entering the dentist office. Tooth extractions are very routine, but there are some simple tips to follow so you will have an easy procedure and recovery. Talk to your dentist or oral surgeon. The best way […]

  • Emergency Dentist

    How to Choose an Emergency Dentist

    Do you need urgent dental care near Marietta, GA ? Unfortunately, dental emergencies such as broken or chipped teeth, loose fillings, and severe cavities can happen at any time. And they can often cause pain and stress that can be difficult to deal with for an extended period. An emergency dentist can provide you with […]

  • Emergency Dentist FAQs

    Essential Questions to Ask Your Emergency Dentist

    A dental emergency can happen to anyone. Whether it is a sports-related accident, a broken tooth, or some other kind of mouth injury, you will require immediate care. Mouth injuries can progress quickly and cause long-lasting consequences. This is why it is important to waste no time getting into the dentist’s chair. If you need […]