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  • Root Canal Procedure

    A Look at the Root Canal Procedure

    A root canal is a restorative procedure that allows your dentist to save your natural tooth and avoid the need for a tooth extraction. If you’re scheduled to visit your dentist office in Marietta, GA for this type of treatment, then continue reading to learn what you can expect from the root canal process. Choosing […]

  • Do's and Don'ts after a Tooth Extraction

    What to Eat and What to Avoid After a Tooth Extraction

    Before you have a tooth extracted at a dentist office in Marietta, GA, it’s important to fully discuss the tooth extraction procedure with your oral surgeon. The dentist office will provide you with in-depth aftercare instructions for your tooth extraction recovery . Follow these instructions carefully and contact the dentist office if you have any questions or […]

  • Atlanta Dentures17

    Tips to Improve Your Oral Hygiene

    Do you understand the importance of oral hygiene? More than just preventing cavities, proper oral hygiene can protect the health of your entire body. What is oral hygiene? It goes far beyond your regular visits to the dental hygienist. Oral hygiene begins with the way you take care of your teeth at home, and we’ve […]

  • Different type of denture

    Understanding Different Denture Types

    Understanding Different Denture Types Missing even one tooth can have a big impact on your mouth. Not only do missing teeth take away from the aesthetics of a smile, but they also make it more difficult to talk and to chew. Dentures can solve a wide variety of oral issues and help patients regain the […]

  • Making Dental Visits Part of Your Child’s Back to School Routine

    Half of the children between ages 5 and 9 have at least one cavity. Oral health issues like tooth decay and cavities could affect the way a child speaks, eats, and even concentrates. With the help of a dentist and a thorough oral hygiene routine, your kids can enjoy healthy teeth. Encourage your child to brush […]