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  • Dental Emergency

    Why You Should Deal with a Dental Emergency Quickly

    Have you ever experienced a dental emergency? If not, you may not know what to do when this unfortunate situation occurs. It is important to know what steps to take, including receiving emergency dental care in Marietta, GA , so that you can maintain good dental health and avoid any negative consequences. Keep reading to […]

  • How Dental Crowns Work

    How Dental Crowns Work

    A dental crown is a common type of tooth restoration that’s used to treat many dental issues. If you find yourself in need of urgent dental care near Marietta, GA for a damaged tooth, then your emergency dentist may advise the use of this type of restoration. By placing a dental crown over your damaged […]

  • Atlanta Dentures 1

    Actions to Take During a Dental Emergency

    If you have lost a filling, dental crown, or tooth due to an accident, you should immediately seek emergency dental care in Marietta, GA. Meanwhile, there are a few things you can do in the event of a dental emergency . Watch this video to find out more about which initial steps to take before […]

  • Urgent Dental Care symptoms

    Symptoms That Require Urgent Dental Care

    Emergency dental care near Marietta may be necessary if you are suffering from serious oral health problems. If you are in pain, discomfort, or simply know that something is wrong, you should see a dentist immediately. Only a dentist can quickly alleviate your pain and reduce your risk of suffering from more severe complications. Continue […]

  • dental emergencies treatment

    Treatments for Dental Emergencies

    Emergency dental care can quickly and painlessly address your condition. Though many dentists can provide quality oral health care, having an emergency dentist in Atlanta on which you can rely is essential to getting the professional treatment you need when a serious problem occurs. An emergency dentist can treat a wide array of dental crises, […]

  • How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

    How to Avoid Dental Emergencies

    How to Avoid Dental Emergencies Although you never expect to have to go in for emergency dental care , there are certain ways you can reduce your risk for dealing with one of these emergencies. Use this guide to learn what you can to do try to avoid dental emergencies and to keep your teeth […]

  • Broken Tooth

    What to Do If You Lose a Tooth

    Most dental emergencies require immediate attention to minimize the damage. If you get hit in the face or take a fall, you might lose one of your permanent teeth. Take the following steps if you lose a tooth so you and the emergency dentist have the best chance or restoring the tooth: Pick up the […]

  • What Does a Cavity Look Like?

    What Does a Cavity Look Like? If your dentist tells you that you have a cavity, he or she is actually referring to a hole in the tooth. An unhealthy diet and poor oral hygiene habits can allow bacteria to breakdown the tooth and penetrate into the solid section. A cavity can cause a toothache […]

  • What to do if You Fracture Your Tooth

    What to Do If You Fracture a Tooth

    What to Do If You Fracture a Tooth I f you experien ce a dental emergency, fast action can help you through the pai n until you can schedule an appointment for emergency dental care . Tooth fractures are common injuries that require immediat e attentio n. Keep reading to learn what to do if […]

  • What Causes Tooth Abscess?

    What Causes Tooth Abscess? An abscessed tooth is caused when the pulp is infected and might require a visit to the emergency dentist . The pulp sits in the center of the tooth and protects nerves and blood vessels while providing important nourishment. If decay or bacteria reach the pulp, you will need root canal […]