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The Different Elements of NuCalm

A Step-by-Step Guide to Tooth Extraction

No matter your reason for going to the dentist office in Marietta, GA—wisdom teeth removal or root canal—sometimes patients can become nervous or scared to see the dentist. Thankfully, there is a procedure known as NuCalm that is showing the world the benefits of calming and holistic dentistry . Here is a brief look at the elements of NuCalm and how it can help you have a positive and comfortable experience at the dentist office.

  • Upon entering for your dental procedure, you will receive a supplement to take. This is a natural substance, not a narcotic, that will help calm you before your visit. There are no lasting side effects, and you will be able to take yourself to and from your appointment without supervision.
  • Before beginning the procedure, your dentist will apply microcurrent stimulation patches to your skin. These patches will go behind your ears, and they will help to calm you even more.

Lastly, you will wear headphones and a mask designed to block light. With all of these NuCalm elements, you will be completely relaxed throughout your entire tooth extraction or dental cleaning procedure.

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