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  • Dental Advances in the Past 10 Years

    A Look at Recent Dentistry Advances

    Are you curious about advances that have occurred in your dentist office in Marietta, GA? Technology has made many dental treatments more accurate and comfortable for the patient. Advances in dentistry have improved cavity screenings and digital images, and have also made dental implants more commonplace. Watch this video for an in-depth look at recent […]

  • Periodontal Disease

    What is Periodontal Disease?

    Do you know what periodontal disease is? Your local dentist office in Marietta, GA can give you information about how to maintain a proper dental care routine in order to lower your risks for periodontal disease. This common but potentially harmful condition is also known as gum disease and can lead to the loss of […]

  • Emergency Dentist

    How to Choose an Emergency Dentist

    Do you need urgent dental care near Marietta, GA ? Unfortunately, dental emergencies such as broken or chipped teeth, loose fillings, and severe cavities can happen at any time. And they can often cause pain and stress that can be difficult to deal with for an extended period. An emergency dentist can provide you with […]