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  • Atlanta Dentures2

    Are You Flossing the Right Way?

    Along with affordable dental care, flossing is an essential part of an effective oral care routine, and it may be one of the subjects you discuss when you visit a dental clinic in Marietta. Whether you wear dentures and crowns or you are caring for your natural teeth, flossing will be necessary to clean your […]

  • Things to learn about dental crowns

    Talking to Your Dentist about Dental Crowns

    Many people wear dental crowns to correct a wide range of common oral health issues, such as large fillings, tooth fractures, misshapen teeth, and permanently discolored teeth. Crowns can also be used to support dental bridges or cap dental implants, so it is not unlikely that you may need a crown at some point in […]

  • What Is an Onlay?

    What Is an Onlay?

    While dental crowns are a common treatment option to restore teeth that have been damaged by decay, oral surgery, or injuries, the extensive prep work of dental crowns is not always needed to repair damage to the teeth . With crowns, much of the natural tooth will be filed away to make room for the […]

  • Types of Dental Bridges

    What Are the Different Types of Dental Bridges?

    A dental bridge is an oral appliance that can replace a missing tooth in your smile using dental implants or surrounding teeth as an anchor for the artificial tooth at the center of the bridge. When you visit a dental clinic in Marietta for your bridgework and follow up with your dentist for regular checkups, […]