Should You Consider a Crown?

Should You Consider a Crown?

A dentist at a dental clinic in Marietta may suggest a crown as one method of tooth restoration . For example, dentists generally use crowns to replace teeth that are severely damaged. However, your dentist may also advise a denture or denture implants depending on the condition of your teeth and your overall goals.

A crown covers a tooth to restore it to its natural shape and size. A crown is a permanent filling that strengthens your tooth at the same time it improves its cosmetic appearance. As your dentist will tell you, a crown can help attach bridges, protect a weak tooth, cover a discolored or misshapen tooth, or cover dental implants. A crown can also restore teeth that are broken or fractured. Finally, dental crowns restore teeth that are unable to support a large filling. If you meet any of these criteria, discuss dental crowns with your dentist.


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