• Symptoms That Require Urgent Dental Care

    Emergency dental care near Marietta may be necessary if you are suffering from serious oral health problems. If you are in pain, discomfort, or simply know that something is wrong, you should see a dentist immediately. Only a dentist can quickly alleviate your pain and reduce your risk of suffering from more severe complications. Continue […]

  • Should You Consider a Crown?

    A dentist at a dental clinic in Marietta may suggest a crown as one method of tooth restoration . For example, dentists generally use crowns to replace teeth that are severely damaged. However, your dentist may also advise a denture or denture implants depending on the condition of your teeth and your overall goals. A […]

  • What Are the Common Causes of Dental Extractions?

    Tooth extraction is routinely performed by a dentist serving Marietta. A dentist may suggest pulling a tooth if your teeth are badly crowded or if you have a serious infection which cannot be treated by dental care alone. Your dentist may also recommend tooth extraction if there is a high risk of infection and removing […]