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The Natural Way to Calm Your Dental Anxiety

Natural ways to tackle dental anxiety

Experiencing anxiety before a visit to your dental clinic in Marietta is not uncommon, but there are many ways in which you can address this discomfort. While some dental practices offer traditional sedation dentistry, Atlanta Dentures offers a more natural method of relaxing you before your dental treatment. NuCalm makes use of dietary supplements, microcurrent patches, and stimulus blockers to ease you into a more comfortable state. Here is a quick overview of the natural way to calm your dental anxiety.

The NuCalm approach can help you to enjoy a more comfortable dental experience no matter what types of treatments and procedures your dentist has in store. The first component of this system is a dietary supplement. The supplement you will take aims to reduce your levels of adrenaline, thereby reducing your anxiety and making you feel more comfortable. The next aspect of NuCalm treatment is microcurrent stimulation, which comes in the form of patches that your dentist will place behind your ears. These safe and effective patches will further your comfort and relaxation. Finally you will use a mask and set of headphones to block out light and sound, sending you into a deeply relaxed and restful state. Dental Anxiety Atlanta

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