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Preventing Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction

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After a tooth extraction at a dentist office, a protective blood clot is left behind in the socket. You want to be extra careful after your procedure in order to keep this intact. Not only can it be very painful, but it can also slow your healing. If you have had wisdom teeth extraction in Marietta, GA, watch this video for tips on how to stay away from dry socket.

For a few days after surgery, you will want to practice extra care for effective healing. Rest is of high importance after a tooth extraction. To prevent the dislodging of a blood clot, you will want to move slowly and gently. Try your best not to lie flat, but rather sleep in a slightly elevated position. Most importantly, do not suck on anything, such as a straw, and do not smoke. The blood clot needs time to establish so the bone can grow before you can continue your normal behavior.