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  • Learn about your denture options

    Your Denture Options

    Dentures are the best way to restore your oral health if you have one or more missing teeth. There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to dentures. Your dentist at a dentist office in Marietta, GA can help you decide which kind of denture is best for you . You […]

  • Atlanta Dentures15

    Preventing Dry Socket After Tooth Extraction

    After a tooth extraction at a dentist office, a protective blood clot is left behind in the socket. You want to be extra careful after your procedure in order to keep this intact. Not only can it be very painful, but it can also slow your healing. If you have had wisdom teeth extraction in […]

  • Emergency Dentist FAQs

    Essential Questions to Ask Your Emergency Dentist

    A dental emergency can happen to anyone. Whether it is a sports-related accident, a broken tooth, or some other kind of mouth injury, you will require immediate care. Mouth injuries can progress quickly and cause long-lasting consequences. This is why it is important to waste no time getting into the dentist’s chair. If you need […]

  • Learn about Wearing your Dentures

    What You Need to Know About Wearing Dentures

    Dentures are a great way to support your mouth when you have missing teeth. They are easy to remove and can be shaped to fit your mouth just right. Talk with your dentist to see if this kind of treatment is the best for your situation. Many dental patients have success with dentures, and so […]