10 Facts About Dentures [Infographic]

If you have missing teeth, or if your dentist has recommended tooth extractions because of decay, then dentures could be the answer to restoring your smile. Dentures today aren’t like the false teeth your grandparents wore. Today, dentures are modern, natural looking, and effective, letting people who wear them smile and eat with confidence. They are also comfortable and fitted specifically to your mouth, to allow for an easy adjustment period and to reduce the chances of discomfort along the gums. Learn more about dentures in this infographic from Atlanta Dentures . Our dental office provides full and partial dentures as well denture repair and emergency dental treatment. To find out how dentures can help improve your smile, visit our dentist office in Marietta, GA for a consultation. Tooth loss affects millions of people, so please help by sharing this information about restoring your smile—and your confidence—with dentures.

10 Facts About Dentures by Atlanta Dentures


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