A Look at Recent Dentistry Advances

Are you curious about advances that have occurred in your dentist office in Marietta, GA? Technology has made many dental treatments more accurate and comfortable for the patient. Advances in dentistry have improved cavity screenings and digital images, and have also made dental implants more commonplace.

Watch this video for an in-depth look at recent advances in dentistry. The dentist speaks about some of the pieces of technology that have allowed dentistry to become more accurate. He mentions digital radiography, which takes digital images of the mouth with better accuracy than traditional X-rays. He also includes laser fluorescents, which can diagnose cavities more accurately and comfortably than traditional methods. Technology has also made dental implants more commonplace, as they are more secure than a free-floating denture. Finally, dental bridges and crowns are made with greater accuracy and have a better fit thanks to computer technology.




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