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dentures in AtlantaRestore your smile today!

Your best solution to replacing your natural teeth that you may have lost due to injury, tooth decay, etc. may be dentures.

Missing teeth can create many problems. The good news is the problems can be eliminated or greatly improved with properly fitting partials or dentures.

Being fitted for dentures may be easier than you would expect at Atlanta Dentures. Initially, your remaining teeth are removed and an impression (or model) is made of your upper and/or lower jaw. An "immediate" denture serves as your "band aide" so that you can keep your smile while healing. Once your mouth tissue is completely healed from your extractions, you can be fitted with your custom denture or dentures.

Learn why our denture services are better than others!

Our office specializes in making the best dentures around at the most affordable prices. We at Atlanta Dentures will be happy to help you design a denture to your specifications. The denture is a product that is unique to each and every patient. The adaptation period of 3-6 months is a CRITICAL time during which the patient must be determined to wear and get used to their new denture. We are here to help you through this difficult time at adaptation and rehabilitation. The first denture following tooth extractions is called a TEMPORARY or IMMEDIATE denture. It allows the patient to look attractive while waiting for the jaw to reach the stage where they can have a stable base to finally support a denture that can allow them to chew again. We offer a variety of different denture options after this healing period--from custom dentures to premium dentures. We also can make custom flippers, partial dentures, and cast metal partial dentures. We keep our denture prices below the rest by having our own on-site laboratories where our expertly trained technicians can make your custom dentures the same day of your visit. We also offer up to four free adjustments with your denture to make sure it's the right fit for you. Our dentures are made of the best quality materials you can buy.

We also offer same day relines and adjustments. Just call our office for an appointment today and see the difference a healthy smile can make in your life! Why pay thousands of dollars when you can purchase better quality dentures for half the price? Call (770) 426-0288 today!

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